“I have always been fascinated by the personal life-long relationship we have with work and career; fascinated by our desire for self-expression, meaningful engagement, affiliation, and a sense of purpose”

– Britt-Mari Sykes, Ph.D.
Founder of Canvas Career Counselling


Acknowledging Our Burnout

We all identify with certain narratives and expectations about work, career, and our own professionalism. These narratives and expectations are both personally created and culturally

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Experiencing Burnout

Think about your own experiences of stress, possibly of burnout. What stands out for you – physically, emotionally, cognitively, relationally? Think about your place of

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Movement and Change

As a career counsellor I work with movement and change. I work with the life-long relationship we have with work and career; that often means helping clients

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Acceptance, as a topic and as an experience, is always present in my work: how to comfortably accept a sudden job loss, how to accept

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Take Your Time

The rapid movement and constant change that characterize our lives create a paradox. The world offers us more and expects more from us. The demand

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Your career is your canvas.