The benefits of reflective practice on our career lives

Reflective practice helps us stay connected to our lives, our emotions, and our experiences. It helps us balance the imbalance of hyper-busyness that we have come to equate with productivity and success.

Reflective practice (and it does require practice!) is key to deepening our awareness, gaining perspective, being emotionally attuned and flexible, and building our resilience.

Reflective practice is therefore neither counterproductive nor counter to productivity.

10 benefits of reflective practice:

1. Reflective practice helps us to shift the emphasis from hyper-busyness to a larger perspective on our lives.

2. Reflective practice helps us feel more connected to our daily experiences, our energy, and our motivation. Reflective practice, therefore, keeps us more attuned to our resources and how those resources can fuel our productivity each day.

3. Reflective practice helps us gain insights from our daily experiences.

4. Reflective practice helps to deepen awareness of our daily choices and decisions and to feel more confident in them.

5. Reflective practice helps us become more skilled at contextualizing, accepting, and managing mistakes and setbacks.

6. Reflective practice helps us become better at recognizing and appreciating the variety of personal successes we experience daily.

7. Reflective practice helps us identify personal resiliencies and to draw upon these daily.

8. Reflective practice helps us acknowledge our unique capacities and skills, and to monitor their growth and expansion.

9. Reflective practice gives us more cognitive and emotional “room” to feel the value of our lives.

10. Reflective practice creates space to be more engaged, emotionally attuned, and flexible.

What are the benefits of reflective practice for you? How does reflective practice impact your daily workday or your attitudes toward career productivity?

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