Britt-Mari Sykes, PhD, CDP

I AM a career counsellor, a member of Career Professionals of Canada, and founder of Canvas Career Counselling. I am a certified Career Strategist (CCS), Work-Life Strategist (CWS), Employment Strategist (CES), Interview Strategist (CIS) and Résumé Strategist (CRS).
I AM a comfortable hybrid of psychological theory and career strategy, a blend that is client-centered, creative, and practical.
I AM a scholar of Existential Analysis, a life-long learner with interests in Narrative Therapy and Trauma Informed Care, and a certified practitioner in career strategy and development.





Curating thoughts.


Understanding perspectives


Caring conversations


Identifying connections


Diving beneath the surface

I value the work I have chosen. The experiences I share with my clients are deeply fulfilling.

I work collaboratively with clients to integrate their varied experiences, their personal resources, their innate capacities and acquired skills, their values, their hopes, their imagination, and overall striving. This is the existential arena where a personally empowered, relevant and meaningful relationship with work and career can be created.

“My aim is to help you continue to move forward in your life with deepened awareness, insight and perspective, and that our conversations and collaborative work will enable you to continually combine what is possible with personally meaningful decisions and actions.”

- Britt-Mari Sykes, PhD, CDP
Founder Canvas Career Counselling


More About Britt-Mari

Earning my Ph.D. from the University of Ottawa, I specialize in existential and experiential psychotherapies.

Before devoting my time to private practice, I guest lectured extensively in classrooms and at conferences in Canada, the USA, and Europe on the history of existential psychology, the theory of Existential Analysis, meaningful and fulfilling living, and on developing meaningful careers. I have served on panels at international conferences on human development, ethics in everyday life, and the value of work.

I am an author; Questioning Psychological Health and Well-Being (2010) is a historical and contemporary examination of the meaning of psychological health and development. Currently, I am working on my second book: a collection of essays on the meaning of career and our relationship with work from an existential coaching perspective.

Active in community engagement, I volunteer as a Life Path Coach with the Discover Year Program. I also serve as a Certification Assessor with Career Professionals of Canada. And for 3 years I served as a Family Advisor and committee member on a variety of mental health projects/initiatives at CHEO (Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario) and The Knowledge Institute on Child and Youth Mental Health and Addictions.

Based in Ottawa, I work with clients across Canada

Your career is your canvas.