feeling "stuck", "flat", "overwhelmed", or "unfulfilled".

disengagement at work.

a career transition and/or unemployment.

unmanageable stress or burnout.

doubt or discomfort about a chosen education or career path.

not "fitting" into the standard educational or career path choices.

anxiety around networking + job interviews after a period of unemployment.

a lack of confidence in your skills and abilities.

a desire to create a new professional path after age 60.

wanting meaningful activity and engagement in retirement.




a career or work that has personal meaning and purpose.

to feel personally connected to your work.

to be engaged in work that better reflects your experiences and skills, and aligns with your personal values.

to feel more alive and engaged in your work and in your life.

to feel that you are making a contribution in and through your work.

to create better balances and boundaries between work and life.

to recognize and manage personal levels of stress and/or burnout.

to develop and maintain greater awareness, presence, and perspective in your day-to-day life.

Your career is your canvas.