A customized
approach to

career transition consulting & guidance.

developing resilient and meaningful career paths.

stress management & burnout prevention.

information meetings & networking.

redefining work in retirement.

Where conversation &
support meet perspective.


Gathering information, cultivating perspective and possibility


Co-creating practical and meaningful next steps

The Process of Becoming

You will be guided to reflect on, and personally define, what meaningful and fulfilling work/career might look and feel like.

You will be offered different perspectives while your lived experiences and unique way of being is respected and upheld.

You will be provided with practical suggestions to keep your energy, enthusiasm, and creativity active during periods of difficult career transition, career development, and stress or burnout.

Through customized reflective exercises, you will be supported in identifying your unique “experiential expertise”. This will help you:

• Discover and define innate or natural skills and capacities.

• Identify and connect the foundational themes from your diverse experiences.

• Gain perspective and better understand “how” you work.

• Create and articulate a more substantive narrative of your expertise.

• Comfortably leverage this more personal and valuable offering.

Gain a greater understanding of your attitudes, decisions, and choices, opening your eyes to the options available to you.

Align your aspirations, your values, your innate talents and interests, your personality, education and training, and your unique lived experiences with what is possible and realistic.

Become better at making decisions and taking appropriate actions that feel personally relevant, meaningful, and authentic.

“Live your values” through identifying what you value most and then integrating these values into your daily life.

Be encouraged to practice being more “present” in your daily life. This is especially important during periods of transition, change, and stress.

& Pricing

All prices are in Canadian dollars

25-minute consultation call


60-minute sessions

$115.00 per session

University and College Students/Sliding Scale

$55.00 per session

Your career is your canvas.