Take Your Time

The rapid movement and constant change that characterize our lives create a paradox. The world offers us more and expects more from us. The demand for our attention is constant and as a result our attention becomes increasingly fractured. We are over-connected while also seeking deeper, more valued, connection. 

Is the hyper busy-ness of our world making it increasingly difficult to meet the human need for replenishment and connection?

I see and hear this paradox playing out among my clients. Some are experiencing work-related stress and burnout; others feel disengaged and unfulfilled in their work; still others express a desire for more purposeful and intentional living. A common refrain I hear is, “But I don’t have enough time…”

Take your time…

When we take time, we turn our attention towards our lives. We become more open and receptive to what we are feeling and experiencing in the present moment.

When we take time, we become more aware of, and more attuned to, our individual rhythm. When we feel more connected to our individual rhythm, we feel more fully present, engaged, and authentic in the world around us.

When we take time, we intentionally create space in our lives. Taking time is an active, deliberate demarcation of time and space to nurture ourselves, to nurture the different areas of our lives, and to nurture our relationships.

When we take time, we can realistically assess the boundaries in our lives. We can create clear boundaries between our work lives and our personal lives. Taking time creates the space to delineate and define our “selves.”

When we take time, we are investing in our lives and in what we value. This might be time spent in conversation with friends, time enjoying a meal or a celebration with loved ones, time for our close relationships, time for an activity we enjoy, time for exercise, time to connect with nature.

When we take time, we create space for reflection and perspective. This gives us the capacity to observe what might be needed, what could be changed or adjusted in our lives, in our relationships, in our workplaces, in our communities.

When we take time, we open ourselves to the world, to what is possible, to where “I” might be needed, or where “I” could contribute.

When we take time, we can re-direct our compass and strive towards something we are personally motivated by and deeply connected to.

When we take time, we discover and experience what is meaningful.

When we take time, we are more connected AND more productive.

Take your time….

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