Get Beyond Stuck – An Experiential Exercise

Over the years, I have been compiling an evolving list of statements based on what I hear from clients of different ages, stages in life, diverse work experiences, and career paths.

I’ve done this because most initial conversations I have with clients start with a statement. And these statements are an entry point to explore what a client is experiencing and the relationship they have with work and career.

In my experience, clients want to move beyond these initial statements, beyond feeling “stuck”.

It starts with a conversation, reflection, and gathering information. Gaining a greater understanding and perspective on what lies within these statements creates space to explore and design customized strategies that can then be paired with targeted job market, career development, and career transition strategies.

Experiential Exercise

Read through the sample list below. Do any of the statements resonate with you?

  1. List the statements that resonate on a separate page. Add specific experiences, reflections, and feelings to these statements to create a more personal narrative.
  2. What do your notes and reflections reveal? Do you notice prominent themes or concerns? What further questions emerge for you? Is there something specific you would like to address, work on, or explore now?

  • “I feel a lack of purpose and meaning in my job”.
  • “My current job/role doesn’t match my personal skills or interests”.
  • “I feel there is a lack of balance in my life”.
  • “My work no longer holds the same value it once did”.
  • “My work life is not fulfilling or meaningful”.
  • “I feel a loss of identity with this career transition”.
  • “I do not feel like I am doing enough”.
  • “I feel isolated in my job. I feel lonely most days at work”.
  • “I want to be more courageous in my work life and be able to stand up for myself”.
  • “I lack confidence in the work I do”.
  • “I want to communicate better at work and in all areas of my life”.
  • “I want to be more creative in my job/role”.
  • “I want to feel less physically, mentally, and emotionally tired/exhausted”.
  • “I want to regain a more positive attitude and outlook at work”.
  • “I want more positive engagement, interaction, and collaboration with my colleagues”.
  • “I am tired of being stressed out”.
  • “I am tired of feeling inadequate in my work role”.
  • “I feel insecure about my abilities, skills, and knowledge”.
  • “I want to find my niche in life”.
  • “I want to make a meaningful contribution”.
  • “I want my work to be relevant and purposeful”.
  • “I want work that has value for the world”.
  • “I want to be recognized for my skills; I want to be appreciated for my contributions”.
  • “I want to feel valued at work”.
  • “I feel less and less motivated at work”.
  • “I want direction; I want to be held accountable”.
  • “I want clarity; I want to know what is expected of me at work and in my role”.
  • “I want more freedom to make decisions”.
  • “I want to feel excited about my work again”.
  • “I want choices”.
  • “I want to be part of a community”.
  • “I need some time away from work. I need a break”.
  • “I want more support at work”.
  • “I want a mentor”.
  • “I feel unfocused”.
  • “I want more balance in my life; I want healthier boundaries between my work life and the rest of my life”.
  • “I want to be fully myself at work”.
  • “I want to work with people who value some of the same things I do”.
  • “I need a change. I don’t know what that change would look like”.
  • “I am motivated to do what it takes but lately I feel less and less motivated”.
  • “I do not feel connected to what I do at work”.
  • “I feel confused”.
  • “I am disappointed that I haven’t found my career path”.
  • “What if I choose a career path and I am not passionate about the work”?
  • “I feel I have plateaued in my current work position”.
  • “I am convinced of my own potential but having a hard time finding a pathway toward it”.
  • “I am easily bored or distracted at work”.

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